YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine after Google on web, YouTube offers great opportunity to reach a huge audience by providing millions of hours of content, updated every day.

But today, just producing great piece of content isn’t enough. If you want more people to see it, you have to keep certain things in mind and that’s where optimisation comes in.

We have handpicked some best practices for marketers and individuals to help them discover and engage with their videos.

Keyword Research: First and foremost step is to do a keyword research before we start. Use the Youtube keyword tool ( to estimate search volume, associate keywords etc

Keyword Tool Image

Description: Get an accurate description of your video in the first few sentences—that’s what will appear in search results. Also, make sure you use some keywords in your description.

Annotations: Annotations are clickable links and comments overlaid on your YouTube video. Using relevant links on video can drive massive traffic to other mediums such as website.

Community Participation: Most often, comments on a brand’s YouTube channel are left unanswered. The more questions we answer from your audience, the more likely they’ll return for more insights from your channel as the
authority on a particular industry.

YouTube Insights: Before publishing the next video, an analysis on our audience behaviour, demographics can help us generate a lot of video suggestions that are likely to get more views. This can be found at:

Ask for suggestions: Use the most viewed videos on the YouTube Channel to directly engage with your audience. For example, you can ask a question in the comment section such as what category of video they would like to watch next? Etc etc. And then pin that comment so that it gets displayed at the top of the comment section.

Linking New Videos: Another best way of leveraging the power of most viewed videos is linking every new video to the old ones. Whenever publishing a new video, make sure that we link it to the previous but most viewed videos. This will help in transferring the traffic to new video from old ones.

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