Most of the people while setting up their SEO campaign target “Search Engines” instead of Users. While they forget that they made their website primarily for human & not for google bots.

“A great site with no SEO will do better
than a bad site with perfect SEO”

In our haste of creating website with perfect SEO score & stuffing keywords wherever possible, we forget that if we fail to please people who Google has sent to our website via search results, our ranking is going to drop at a tremendous rate. This is why most of the website owners ask SEO consultants that why their site is not being able to rank on search engines despite having the perfect on page SEO score. The answer is simple, it is because people don’t find what they were actually looking for on their website!

So how do we improve the website for our user? Here are some points:

1. Introspect:

Open your website & read each and every line from beginning to end. But not as the owner but as a user. Find the points that you think can be improved or updated.

2. Organize:

Your site must be properly organized & should have a clear sitemap so that user can easily navigate from one page to other in a flow they want to. Use clear breadcrumbs to make your user aware where they are.

3. Clean Design:

The importance of good design in website will be explained clearly in upcoming modules. Make sure your pages are well formatted and please user when they surf your site. The more attractive is your page, the more time your user will stay on your page.

4. Solve Problems:

Just don’t present your web pages with some text & stock images. Try to provide as much resource as possible to your users which will help them solve problems. Make clean infographic, video series, a how-to-guide etc. which adds value to their life.

5. Be Fast:

If you want your user to spend a quality time on your website then make sure your website is blazing fast. According to Google guidelines, if your site is taking more than 3 seconds to load completely then user are bound to skip your site & switch to your competitor’s site. I have discussed in details on how to optimize the website in upcoming sections.

6. Sharing is Caring:

Does your website links to other websites or resources? If you are trying to keep people on your website by not linking to other resources you are hurting your users and you are hurting your ranking. Be a great resource for your users, they will appreciate it and it will earn you trust.

“The best way to please Google is to first please your users.”

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